The specialty shop sells 1/43 minicar kit out of print. Classic antique.
"43" is shops handling "1/43 minicar kit out of print" and "a rare minicar kit".


We sell "Very Rare 1/43 mini-car kits".

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About us ""

Nice to meet you!

I think that there is not the 1/43 minicar kit only for the purpose of making it.

I display boxes without crossing it and look at the parts of non-group and imagine finished time and.

It is fun in its own right.

I can provide our store.

A feeling of when I look for "a rare kit" Waku Waku and joy when I discovered it.

Please enjoyed such "a treasure hunt", and I organized our store.

Therefore I spend time, money and look for it, and I gather "the rare kits which are a treasure" from all over the world.

"Very Rare 1/43 mini-car kits".

I offer feeling of Waku Waku and joy to the visitor. And I offer the pleasure to collect a rare kit.

"43" of the net mail order is a special shop in rare 1/43 minicar kits.

This shop is run by me who was impressed deeply with 1/43 minicar kit in 24 years in a collector career.

Lola F-1 of the memory

I began collection since 1988.

My collection began with a kit of "tameo kits Lola LC88" in 1988.

At the time of 1988, McLaren MP4/4 of Senna, Lotus Development Corporation 99T of Nakajima, Benetton B188 of showy coloring were released by Tamiya.

However, roller LC88 which Aguri Suzuki operated was not sold with the plastic model.

I knew that tameo releases the kit. And I purchased it immediately.

It was very expensive.(actually, but Aguri does not run this kit because it is not a model of the GP in Japan ...)

By the way, the kit which I purchased next is "Meri Kits, ferrari 640" of 1989.

I was interested in a minicar afterwards. And my interest moved to an old car, an enthusiastic car in sequence.

I was made to begin my collection of 1/43 minicar kit by these two kit.

The splendor of 43 mini-car kits.

I think that "a minor car" and "a super minor car" existing ,unique luster are very beautiful, and it can make a high finished product of the quality.

1In about 2000 ten years ago, much 1/43 kit makers existed, but a significant number of makers finished activity now, and the number of the kind and the sale of the kit decreased sharply.

Because the maker decreased now, the minor car is the situation not to be available anymore.

43 mini-cars



しかし、やはり既製品、 デカールがずれていたり、美しい光沢も特にありません。そしてある程度マイナーな車種は販売されますが、超マイナーな車種は、なかなか販売されません。



古いF1マシーンの完成品ミニカーも存在しますが、 今では、なかなか手に入りにくくなりました。